Marvel Universe Characters Data Visualization

We gathered data of all the characters in the Marvel's Avengers movie universe. The data includes movies and their release dates, as well as the major characters participated in the movie. Each character has a list of connections of allies and enemies, as well as the group they are affiliated to. Also we have each character's major story line in the movie, their abilities and skills, as well as their bio information from the comics. All the data were scraped from Marvel's official website and processed to be visualized using D3.js

Tony Stark

The Leading Character

Unsurprisingly, as one of the two leading character in the Marvel avengers universe, and as the pioneer of the Marvel Studio's movies of the ten years, Tony Stark, the Iron Man, has participated in the most amount of movies (9/19).

Avengers: Infinity War

The Most Casts

As the first half part of the ending of Marvel Studio's first stage movie plan, Avengers: Infinity War, has the most characters in the universe involved (30/48).

More Movies Released Recent Years

Since the first Marvel Studio's movie, Iron Man released in 2008, there has been more movies releasing each year. Around 1/3 of the movies are released within in past 2 years (As of 2018/5).

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